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1 year of Wherever You Are - 23/09/13

We made this video just for you for a song we wrote called ‘Wherever You Are’. The video looks back on some of the memories we’ve shared with the 5SOS fam since it all started in 2011 :) x


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When I was 12 I was at a summer camp and I was on my period and so I whispered to my best friend and asked if she had any pads but then the camp counsellor saw and scolded me for “Not including and gossiping about people” and told me that if I have to say something, say it to everyone. So I screamed across the room “DOES ANYONE OF YOU HAVE ANY PADS OR TAMPONS” and then she shut up and let me whisper for the rest of camp. 


If a girl is walking around with stained jeans because of Mother Nature fucking go up to her and tell her. I don’t care if you fuckn hate that girl you go up and tell her.


girls, do you ever get that feeling on your period where you’d rather rip out your uterus with your bare hands because that would hurt less than cramps? 

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when i become a millionaire i want to create Hogwarts and have it serve as a home for troubled teenagers. And pizza will be served everyday. And netflix is free. And chocolate cake shall be served to anyone menstrating. Thank you.
Yes, even if I cannot eat your soul, I am still one hell of a... A demon's butler.

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Changes in Yana Toboso's drawing style

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Sebastian & Ciel | School AU


Person: what’s so bad about periods



Me: i’m glad you asked 


Funny Tumblr posts about periods

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